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Lead is a four-letter word. Let's get real about it.

Join Jon as he brings a quarter-century of professional and parenting experience together for a singularly focused approach to engaging sales feedback sessions, conference keynotes, young leader workshops, team building training, and mentorship all designed to get real about being a great leader.

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Jon's Story

Jon Santee stands at the intersection of technology and transformational leadership, bringing over 25 years of IT leadership experience to the forefront of executive coaching and keynote speaking. His journey is one marked by continuous collaboration, a deep-seated commitment to fostering growth, and a passion for guiding the next generation of leaders.

As a husband and father, Jon's personal values deeply influence his professional ethos, emphasizing integrity, empathy, and resilience. His transition from leading IT teams to inspiring individuals and organizations reflects a broader mission: to empower leaders to harness their potential, navigate challenges, and drive meaningful change.

Jon's approach is rooted in real-world experience, blending practical insights with forward-thinking strategies to address the complexities of modern leadership. Through his signature trainings and keynote speeches, he addresses crucial topics such as adaptive leadership, team dynamics, and the role of technology in shaping organizational culture.

In the past five years, Jon has carved a niche in the speaking and training domain, earning acclaim for his engaging style, actionable solutions, and ability to connect with diverse audiences. His work is driven by a belief in the transformative power of leadership—a force that not only reshapes organizations but also redefines industries.

Jon's vision extends beyond the present, aiming to establish himself as a full-time speaker and trainer. He is dedicated to creating a legacy that transcends traditional boundaries, fostering a culture of leadership that is inclusive, innovative, and inspiring.

Discover more about Jon's journey, philosophy, and offerings at and connect with him on LinkedIn to explore how his insights can elevate your organization or event.

Speaking Topics

New Leader Mentoring and Growth

Too often high performing individual contributors are elevated to leadership roles with no preparation, training, mentoring, or feedback mechanisms. Let Jon help guide your fresh leaders in the journey.

Sales Team Feedback Sessions

With over 2 decades in the “buyers seat” let Jon work with your Sales teams to discover what lands and what misses when vying for the limited time and attention of leaders.

Team Building Workshops

With a 99% employee retention rate, let Jon work with your leadership to help build strong teams that like working for, and with you.

Don't Be An @$$hole

Origins and lessons available to leverage a simple life concept delivered with blunt humor and a dash of, “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.”

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